David Kuskie is from a small town in Western Nebraska. His interest in film developed at an early age. Two important events in his young life were receiving a Talkboy for Christmas and his parents getting a video camera. The Talkboy allowed him to make his own radio shows, and the video camera allowed him to start making movies.
He started singing and acting in church and school productions at an early age.
In high school, Kuskie was approached to program the school's public access channel. This eventually led to employment with the local radio station.
At the radio station, he was a part-time board operator. His responsibilities included running the board during live remote broadcasts, djing, and so forth.
Kuskie was heavily involved in speech, drama, and choir through the school and the community during his high school years.
After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United State Navy for six years as an Electrician's Mate. Kuskie was able to see many unique locations including countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Asia. He served onboard the USS George Washington and lived in Japan for two years.
Following his Naval commitments, he returned to radio and community theatre for a year. He worked as a Production Assistant with duties including writing, recording, editing, and producing commercials. He became the President of the Main Street Players community theatre organization and performed in productions ranging from Shakespeare to "The Odd Couple" and "A Christmas Story." He made his stage-directing debut with "The Odd Couple" (in which he also played the role of Oscar Madison).
He started volunteering at film festivals at the 2010 Cheyenne International Film Festival where he was a digital projectionist.
At the 2012 Love Your Shorts Film Festival Kuskie, who was volunteering as a digital projectionist once again, came up with the idea of making a documentary about the festival. He wrote the concept and treatment for the documentary as well as directed it.
Kuskie has since gone on to direct a number of short films and a couple of HD television programs. He graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Film in early 2013 and has plans to attend the New York Film Academy to obtain an MFA in Acting for Film.
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